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What is Solwing Esports?
Solwing Esports is an European esports organization based in the Netherlands. Powerful plays and quality content are the top priorities of Solwing. Our goal is to win major tournaments and publish good content every single day. We opened our doors to the public on July 5th 2018. Since then Solwing has a dedicated staff team, positive content creators, talented designers and top tier players.

Here at Solwing Esports we treat eachother with respect. We believe an esports organization should not only be a place for competitive gaming but also a place where every gamer alike can feel at home. We have build a warming community and plan to keep Solwing that way. Whilst also being a strong unit within the esports scene we make sure everyone has equal chances, equal rights and equal treatment over at Solwing.

Our management team makes sure the organization keeps a balance between having fun and being professional. We find it very important that everyone feels as if they are a part of our community. This is why our staff engage with the community on a daily basis.