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As the founder of Solwing Esports he founded Solwing on the fifth of July in 2018. He has been here ever since. Currently residing in the Netherlands, Micro finds business management and the English language as his two areas of interest.

Micro his tasks range from administrative tasks to financial tasks to making sponsorship deals. He makes sure Solwing keeps on taking flight!


Oreos knows everything there is to know about Solwings' social channels, community and staff team. He can be contacted for most general questions. Outside of Solwing Oreos likes to stream, play games and eating oreos. Which shouldn't come as a surprise.

Oreos tasks within Solwing consist of managing our social media, keeping an eye out for the community and help lead the other staff in the right direction.

Robin "Butter" van der Craats | Community Manager

Every organization has that one person who is always smiling and cheery. For us that is Butter. Butter is everyone's best friend. He has a burning passion for music, teaching and community management.

Butters' tasks range from customer support all the way to keeping our Discord active. He is the guy always talking and initiating conversation.

Tom "pickld" Pike |


Xander "Xadr" Hansen | Stream Team Manager

You know those guys who basically live on streaming websites like, or Well, that's Xadr! He is the guy in charge of all of our produced livestreaming content! With a ton of leading experience he keeps a calm mind when leading our team.

Xadrs' tasks consist of recruiting new streamers, reviewing applications and monitoring activity.